In Memory of Mu

It's been 8 months, 10 days.

"Hey, ladybug!"
"Hey, Tiff!"
"Hey, kiddo!"

The emptiness and longing to hear those words flow merrily from her lips. Overwhelming.

But I'm not sad. I had 28 beautifully written years with her. I am ever grateful to just have known her.

God picked the dearest and loveliest flower in His garden. For a season, I withered in sorrow as the shade that so tenderly comforted me was now gone.

It's sunnier these days. You may occasionally catch me drooping as the sun bears down in remembrance of her absence. But I no longer surrender to despair.

As a butterfly alights upon a flower in full bloom, so do the memories of my Grandmother flutter about the garden she curated.

It's been 8 months, 10 days. In memory of Mu...


Weekend Fun

Super fun times.

Oh...and there's this hilarious video.

The Lonely Corner

I was tired of the perpetual nothingness that was the corner of my dining room.

One wall held 3 stars.

The other showcased a picture Jaz painted.

Decided to change it up today.

Ross Purchases
-Laundry hamper (repurposed as a table)

Walmart Purchases
-6 ft bookshelf
-6 ft bookshelf
-Pair of wooden folding chairs

All the stuff on the shelves, I'd already owned.

Quite pleased with the results.

So was Jaz...since she helped pick which lamp and hamper and bookshelf color we wanted :)


Jaz Update

Got a special note from school today.

Jaz was invited to participate in the U.I.L. Ready Writing Competition!!!!!!

In second grade!

As always, I am extraordinarily proud and impressed and amazed and bewildered by her limitless talents.

This kid is astounding.

And it's not just because I'm her Mom. Lol. I walk around carrying a fairly filled bucket of intellect myself so I can easily recognize traits I like about myself fully magnified within her.

Immediately saw an issue with after school practice and quickly contacted her Coach via the email provided.

God...AS ALWAYS...worked it out in her favor! ♥



Visited family. Decorated my cubicle (office) at work. Took a few pictures along the way.

This was the first Thanksgiving without Mu. 109 days have flown by since she got her all access pass to kick it wit Jesus. Waves of sadness washed over us, sporadically, on Thanksgiving. But, more than anything else, laughter was abundant. Family I'd become used to seeing annually, I hugged for the 4th or 5th time this year. As always, Mu brought us together. As she always will. For these things and many more, I am grateful. On a random note, I actually got to have a pretty cool conversation with Pawpaw. The wisdom he imparted came from the school of life. Stuff you won't ever get in any textbook on any college campus. Smiling now as I recall laughing SO HARD about him charging all 4 of their kids for gas to take them to work and having them pay Mu for washing and cooking. Hilarious! But priceless money management education! ;-)

Oh...back to the pictures....