Riding A Bike

Cliff & Nicole taught Jaz how to ride a bike on Sunday. I hate that I missed it. But I'm glad Cliff recorded it. Yes, as always, I cried. Hard. Like...snot was runnin'. LOL

Note: Jaz thinks these two people are the coolest things on Earth. I have to agree. Ain't Nicole ride-or-die? In that dress and showin Jaz how to do it! LOL LOL I ain't mad. I'm grateful for so many people that love my kid!



So I decided I wanted to start timing how long it took me to walk 2 miles around the truck driving track.

1 lap = 0.5 miles

4 laps = 2.0 miles

I really wanted to hit 32 minutes today but it didn't happen. And I was really putting forth effort, too! Dang. In case you were wondering, my calves and quads are on fire! Once upon a time, long long ago, I used to be an athlete. I swear I was! LOL


What is there to talk about?

Since Jaz isn't here, I really don't have much to talk about. I mean, nothing fit for this blog. lol

I guess I'll be super obnoxious and post only pics of myself and stuff that interested me over the last week or so...(shrugs)



Not much going on round here lately.

Jaz is in the valley w/ Nana for the summer.

I've been crocheting and sleeping.

Work is still work.

Applied for a different position. Today, I found out I didn't get it. Well, that sucked.

That's all for now.

Besides a ton of random pictures since I last posted, of course! lol