1st Day of 1st Grade!

Of course, she's super excited. Of course, I'm now in my car crying. LOL Here's to a successful year!!!


Sunday Dinner

I cooked a roast. Tis all that is delicious! :-)

Two Weeks...Again

Jaz is back. Been back 2 weeks already. lol.

Latest news? Grandma & Grandpa bought her a new bed! It was a complete surprise and she loves it! Not ONCE has she tried to crawl into bed with me since she been back! That's a record!

New curtains in her room are courtesy of her Godmother, Auntie Toy and she loves those too!

Her room is shockingly pink and, of course, she loves that most! lol

Here's a TON of pics:

Two Weeks?!

Didn't realize it'd been two weeks since I'd been on here. Lot of things going on as of late. Good things though! :-)

In summation, this is what the last 24 hours have looked like: