So yesterday, my lovely cousin, Kameo, told me about this field trip her class took. Froburg Farm in Alvin, Texas. You get to pick your own strawberries! Yes, really! Of course, it was decided she, Jaz and I would have to descend upon this wonderland at our earliest convenience.

Fast forward 24 hours...DONE! :-)

It's like a farmer's market, too! Down home deliciousness!

I had the creamy strawberry fried pie, Kameo had the strawberry lemon version and Jaz had the chocolate buttermilk. Phenomenal!

I also bought a cantaloupe and Kameo got mangos.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Dear God! I also bought okra chips. God, Himself, blessed whomever created those.

About that turkey leg in my lap. I assure you it's bigger than you think it is. It is the essence of smoky deliciousness and perfection.

Kameo had the jalapeƱo cheese sausage-on-a-stick and Jaz had regular sausage. I'm told they were delicious. You see the looks on their faces! lol

Great start to the week :-)


Little Miss I-Can-Read

End of year reading goal for Kinder is a Level 10.

Jaz's teacher felt Jaz could reach at least a Level 12.

See her comment from today :-)


Administrative Professionals Day

Got flowers. Was assuredly shocked. Grateful, too. It's nice to *feel* acknowledged now and then. Never been a fan of such public acknowledgement (for fear of backlash - which did occur)...but such is life. I think they're pretty.



So...I decided Jaz and I were gonna go for a walk this evening.

We went to the truck driving school parking lot and walked the course the trucks drive on. Did it 3 times. Don't know how far it was. I do know my thighs are on fire though...FIRE! lol

Anyway, Nana called to see what we were up to and then hung up immediately so she could video chat with her baby.

So I was holding the phone as she watched Jaz twirl and skip around the track.

We got home.

Incoming call from Nana.

I answered.

"*British accent* Awlo, sista. Would you hawpen to know where we aw on this fine occasion?"

"*British accent* Wherefore art thou, brotha?"

"At Pendleton. Mama said y'all went walkin so she was inspired to go walkin, too! So that's where WE at!"

We hung up.

Then Jaz walks up to me, holding her iPod and giggling.

They'd called HER to video chat!

Are we not THE corniest family EVER?!?

I love us! :-)

Forever and A Day!

...since I last posted.

Nothing much to say.

Here are random pictures from the last week :-)

Side Note: that pic of Jaz w/ that yellow stain on the pillow? Yeah, it's probably twice Jaz's age...and I was washing pillow cases. And no, I don't know why it's yellow-y. Just thought I'd point it out before somebody tried to talk about my dirty pillows...LOL



Summer is around the corner! What's that mean? Time to whip out the homemade popsicles!

We got the 3 pack of Crayola popsicle molds at Walmart. I think it was $3.

Last night, I poured Sunny D in one, Cranberry Pomegranate juice in the other and apple juice in the third one.

Tonight, she's had the Sunny D and I had the CranPom.

Little does she know...when she goes to sleep...I'm popping open a chocolate puffing cup and scooping some into a ziplock bag and stirring in some Cool Whip...then I'm gonna cut the tip off the bottom of the ziplock and 'pipe' it into the popsicle molds for frozen chocolate pudding pops! She is gonna freak out! lol

Side Note: For those who don't know - I HATE CHOCOLATE. Always have. Always will. Yuck. Oh...except for German Chocolate Cake and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Besides those? I HATE CHOCOLATE.

Here's a picture of the deliciousness...(pause) LOL LOL LOL


Seventeen. six year old Kindergartener read 17 pages of "Junie B. Jones is A Party Animal" tonight. And she's super excited about it! And I'm super excited that's she's super excited! We're just obnoxiously super excited tonight...LOL

Michael Jordan

I laughed....hard.


Shout out to Miss Catt for posting this on FB:


Gahd-ning, dahling!

The pot of aloe vera on top of my kitchen cabinet was hanging halfway down my cabinet doors. So I transplanted it to these 4 pots. Added the fake red flowers for prettiness. Used the white flowers as stakes in the bigger planters. Seriously, those aloe vera 'stick things' are at the bottom. They are huuumongous! About that orange pot. I bought myself (smirk!) Calanchacoe (I'm certain that's NOT how you spell it! lol) last Mother's Day. They died. Boooo. So they sat on my patio, dead and crunchy, since then. Anyway, ignoring the fact I keep dead plants on my patio all.the.time, about a month ago, they started growing back! Whaaaat?! So I yanked about the 'all hope is lost' sections and kept those. Yayyy!!!

I'm sure by now you've realized I'm no Dorothy Chandler or Ella Johnson. Yeah, they're my Grandmas. And they can grow anything. More importantly, they keep stuff...alive...which seems to be my downfall.

Ohhhh but on the 8th day...God created aloe vera...and He knew it was good...and He knew it'd be self sufficient...and He blessed mankind with its self sufficiency and wondrous healing powers!

Can we get a Praise Break for aloe vera?! HalleLUjah! In Jesus'name!

Yeah...I ain't watered this aloe vera plant in MONTHS! Because I forgot, of course. Yet it lives and thrives! {Praise Break} I oughta name it Lazarus.

But I digress...

Here's my little podunk 'garden' I'm immensely proud of!

Oh wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Somebody left some tires in front of my garage...for like ever...and I decided to adopt them! I know I wanna plant something in em. Don't know what yet. Oh, we are definitely gonna paint em, too! Don't know the theme yet. But I got two of em. And I'm open to suggestions :-)


Obviously, she gets her fashion sense from me. Obviously.


The Pic-uh-nic!

Like my reference to Yogi Bear? lol

Anyway, today was the annual (I think) picnic at my job. Luckily, it was on my campus so it took us all of 46 seconds to get there :-)

Jaz had a blast. That's all I care about.

Weather was lovely, minus the sweating. Sweat? On a Saturday? How barbaric, right? Especially when everything was free! The nerve! lol


But before I upload them, I really need to figure out why my child always picks THE weirdest face paint animals. I did my best to smile and say the dolphin was pretty. LOL LOL LOL LOL