Home Improvment


On the road again...

Little Miss decided she'd get a run in before we got on the road. Had to stop and tie her shoelaces after every other lap around the car. SMH. We're working on that!


Jaz's Hair. SMH.

Wash to twist, with many breaks in between, spanned 4 hours today.

After I unleashed the ponytail. Many tears as I detangled before washing.
Washing was a breeze. Kudos to Uncle Funky's Daughter Squeaky Shampoo!
I know. We run a fancy salon round these parts. LOL

{gasp!} Is that a smile?!?
Shoutout to Uncle Funky's Daughter Midnite Train Leave-In Conditioner!
Instead of the usual braids, we went with the super fast and easy two-strand twists.
Voila x 2. LOL. Still need to take a better photo. MUCH cuter in person.


Rest Area


DayQuil is the drug of choice today *crosses fingers*


So Jaz's WONDERFUL Mother *clears throat & points at self* got her an iPod Touch for Christmas. Last night, we tried FaceTime (video chat via wifi) for the first time. I stood in the garage and she sat on the couch. She then informed me this is how I should wake her up in the mornings. Not a bad idea :-)


Bass Pro Shop

Because we epitomize randomness, we decided to visit Bass Pro Shop in good ol' Pearland, Tessus.

Health Update

Was feeling better. Got back home today. Coughing came back. Sneezing came back. Achy.All.Over. {sniffles}

Christmas: The iPhone Perspective

In no certain order :-)

Actual digital camera photos coming soon!


Just a coughin...

Mu (my Grandma) decided it was time for

Johnson Christmas Celebration

Disclaimer: There will be many posts because I always take a TON of pictures! :-)

And so it begins...

These are random, I know.


Nana's here!!!!


Norah Jones has a song entitled "Sunrise". Will have to upload when I get to a computer since my iPhone doesn't like to cooperate with YouTube

Update: found it!



I love this picture! :-)


Wonder if it'll rain

Picked up some cough drops. I rebuke this sore throat! -_-

SN: all the cough drops have little inspiring messages on em! Cuuuute! This one says "Dust off and get up." another one said "You got in you." :-)




Beautiful morning...

Hope today maintains its beauty. New student orientation begins at 8 AM. Roughly 100 people. And after carefully writing, rewriting, rewriting and having supervisor read and revise what needs to be submitted today, I'm fairly certain 30% won't have



I so just created my own little workspace for $30. Found stool and accent table at Ross!

And Jaz decided she just had to have an obnoxiously glittery, bubble gum pink storage ottoman.