Tour of Houston

Today, Desmond took me on a tour of Houston via the Metro Rail. It was awesome! I've never been on a rail before. And only times I'd been in the Medical Center or Downtown were when me and Jaz were

Alas, pictures of today's adventure.....


Do It Yourself Sunday

Found this dresser by the dumpster last month. Of course, I snatched it! Wheeled it to my garage and it sat there all this time. Today, I decided it was time. Wiped it down with clorox spray and an old tshirt. Unscrewed all the handles. Went to Lowe's. Bought paint and a mask and gloves and a tarp to paint on. Came back home and started sanding. Chunks of wood were missing. So I went back to Lowe's for wood filler. (For your information, I know my Grandpa is proud of me as he's reading this. We worked on projects like this ALL THE TIME when I was little!) Got back home and used the wood filler. Let it dry then sanded it down. Wiped everything down again and started painting...with spray paint! Yup. This is a 100% spray painted 100% wood dresser. Total Project Cost: $51.00! Not bad! I love it! :-)