Since today is her birthday...
I'd also like to proclaim from the mountain tops...
my Mama was awarded Teacher of The Year at her new school! 
Yes, her first year there! 
She's been teaching since Jesus rose, obviously. 
But still. 
We are beyond proud of her! 

The Birth of Bennie

Mama. Mom. Mommy. Ma. Friend. Confidante. Proverbs 31. Superhero. Superhuman. Superior. Outstanding. Phenomenal. And that's before she gets out of bed each morning. She is THE Christian woman I hope to become. She is responsible for who I am today. She prayed and struggled and fought to give us an epic childhood. Sports. Plays. Band concerts. Every event. There she sat, cheering. The woman is a FORCE to be reckoned with! Today, I celebrate the birth of the infamous Bennie Newby! Happy Birthday, Ma! ♥ ♥ ♥


Catch Up

Soooo...today we're having a lovely thunderstorm. Even got a few minutes of hail. All is well. My car was parked in the garage. We're good. Just thought I'd update everyone on our latest adventures. Me and Jaz. And the boyfriend. Here's a bunnnch of pics!