Busy Bee...

I've had my hand in different sewing projects this weekend.

Jaz went to a drive-in theater for the first time.

I watched her ride her bike last night via video chat.

As always, randomized pictures of us and stuff I liked recently...



Tired, but not sleepy. I see it's gonna be one of those "Leave me be, I'm mad for no reason!" nights. It's my prerogative..."do what I wanna do" (Shout out to whomever got the Bobby Brown reference.) :-)

What's my name again?

You ever have one of those days that's so busy you don't even realize its time to go home? That was my day. Felt like I was being pulled in sixteen trillion directions. Geez. Definitely gonna call it an early night in a couple hours. Adrenaline rush, to say the least. But at least I finally got to wear my $6 polka dot skirt from Goodwill! Yay!!


Trying to find Classical Radio...without words. Since Jaz listens to classical music to put her to sleep at night (via Pandora on her ipod)...and I'm not planning on renewing my Pandora subscription since Spotify is 10x better...I have to find something for her to listen to on Spotify now.



So I made it through half of my dinner and was too full. After I played my chicken, I sliced open an oven baked potato and poured all the chicken drippings on it. You know, to ensure that my meal was over 973,824 calories! LOL

Twas delicious. Long hot shower and a warm bed are in order. Goodnight :-)


Here I was...prepared to enjoy my chicken...and I'm too nauseated to eat. One of the side effects of the medicine is a side effect I'd already been experiencing. Nice. Real nice. :-(


Ear and throat infection :-(

Day 3

STILL don't feel well!!

Scheduled a doctor's appointment for this afternoon.

Obviously DayQuil, NyQuil and Ibuprofen are no match for whatever I have :-(



Still not feeling well.

Decided to repurpose my old shower curtain into a pillow case.

Tried to take a nap. The trim on my building was being painted so there were painters in and out my apartment. It rained. They left.

To add to my headache, stomach ache and overall body my throat hurts! Took medicine. FYI: if you're having stomach issues, don't drink sugary cups of coffee at work. That doesn't end well. Don't ask how I know this __( -_-)__/ LOL


Did that REALLY just happen?

Because I'm sure you wanted to know...I just bumped my head on my freezer door as I rescued a pudding cup out the back of my fridge. First time for everything, right? LOL



Reassignment & Repurpose

Decided I was ready to semi-decorate my apartment. I have no intention of doing so at unnecessary cost. So I'm basically taking it one room at a time and reassigning/repurposing store-bought and gifted tchotchkes I've acquired since I've lived here. I'm pleased thus far...


Weekend Excursion..

I swung over to Austin for the weekend to visit the BFF - the infamous Latoya :-) Had. A. Blast. Laughed and shopped and laughed and ate and slept in between and laughed some more.

Random pictures...

Oh bathroom news, I bought a new shower curtain and decluttered my counter. Those are mason jars in a lidded wicker basket. All from Walmart. Less than $20 overall. Stole that idea from Toya. I'm completely blown away by it!!

We have a winner!

Jaz loves her pillow! It's suuuuper bumpy though. LOL

Sew random...

Soooo...I bought a sewing machine around 10 o'clock last night.

Probably haven't sewn in a good 20 years since Grandma was teaching me.

My first try (pictured on the table) this afternoon was terrible.

Second try (pictured in my hand) was better.

Jaz's 4 ft body pillow (pictured on floor and showing the cleanest seam I've ever hand stitched) was the third try and I looooove it!


Family Reunion - VIDEOS!

Nana teaching Jaz how to play Jacks for the first time.

PawPaw showing Jaz how to wash sandy greens. Fancy! lol

I could watch these videos over and over and over!

An Alan Rickman GIF? Sure!

Let's see if this actually works. Trying it for the first time. LOL

It works! It works!

Of course, my first GIF would have to be Harry Potter related. Of course! :-)