Child, you see my hair?!

Got it done this evening.

Results? I diiiiiiiiie.

I looooooooove it.

Ohhhhh my God.

:-) :-) :-) :-)


Sunday Funday

Pretty non-eventul for The Womb-Mate and I.

Random pictures from today:


After you pick yourself up off the floor after looking at the price...lol...seriously though...I aspire to be this good by this time next year!! That is TOO cute!!!!!


#SideEye #StankFace

*stomps foot & shakes fist* Gimme my money, IRS! No wait...let's be honest. Gimme my 3 months' worth of gas, IRS! lol


Sucks when you think you have an even part straight down the middle...then finish...and behold the crooked-est part everrrrrr. LOL

That shot of my face? That's my "Well, I'll be!" face. lol



Just tried to crochet my first flower...

..."if at first you don't succeed..."

Ta - daaaa!!

She LOVED it!!

Zee fringe.

Google and YouTube are THIS girl's best friends! How'd I figure out how to add fringe to Jaz's scarf? I googled it on my phone and watched that first video.

Gotta love technology! Here's the screenshot:


Ladies and gentleman, I have officially crocheted my first scarf! Even added fringe to it! Pretty sure Jaz will love it. My iPhone camera doesn't do it justice. It's super bright hot pink. Think I'll make myself a red one next :-)




How I went from lounging in bed...busily crocheting...to drowning in her stuff...I'll never know...


Alas, my friends...

...today was a good day :-)

Scarf Update

Not finished yet...but we're getting there. She loves it...which is surprising...since she's soooo picky about everything. I'm thinking the fact that she got to pick the yarn herself...and it's hot pink...definitely help! LOL

QUICK UPDATE: If you're a new visitor to the blog...I just taught myself to crochet in mid December. I bought yarn and a crochet hook at Walmart....then googled "How To Crochet" on YouTube. Suffice it to say, I'm a beginner :-)

Cleaned UP!

After they were seated...
Perfect Attendance - 1st Nine Weeks
Top Reader Award (whaaaat?!? YES!)
Perfect Attendance - 2nd Nine Weeks
Principal's Pride Award  - 1st Nine Weeks
- All FOUR Awards - 

Extra super proud Mama right here!!! :-)

Awards Ceremony

Today is Jaz's Mid-Year Awards Ceremony!!

Hope she gets something!

That conduct has certainly NOT been stellar...but she HAS had perfect attendance.

{fingers crossed for a Perfect Attendance Certificate} LOL

My child, my child.

She was posing this morning!


Something Wicked This Way Comes

We're supposed to be having HORRIBLE weather tomorrow. Thunderstorm. Possible tornado. And all that jazz. Looks like it's making its way on in. Wow. And this picture was taken at 5:50 PM today.

Guess we'll eat, take care of homework, bathe and chill.

Civic Duty Reminder: State of the Union address tonight. Watch and listen. Form your own opinions. Don't let right/left wing pundits think for you!

Gonna try to finish Jaz's hot pink scarf while watching. It's definitely of beginner quality...but she'll wear it anyway. Will post pics when done! :-)


Back To Basics

Ok, I'm done playing with playing with fonts and layouts.

Thanks for indulging my experimentation.

Something about the book background feels warm and fuzzy.



Jaz singing Adele

I was sitting at the computer and heard Jaz pull out her Tinkerbell guitar (I gave it to her Christmas 2010) and start singing Adele's "Rolling In The Deep".

For those of you not familiar with Adele..miss lady is FIERCE!

Here's the song:

Here's Jaz's version (she doesn't know I recorded this...lol):

Cherry Cream Soda

That's the name of the font I'm trying today. Seems legible, right? Yay? Nay? Indifference?

Joe Paterno

Obligatory Condolences: Rest in peace, JoePa.

Truthful Sentiment: "**** Joe Paterno...BUM...When you get to them pearly gates I hope they deny you, and keep the reason a SECRET." - Mr. Bohannon

Harsh words, yes. I couldn't have said it better though. I know, I know - judge not lest ye be judged. The man was a certifiable legend...until this Sandusky scandal/ cover-up came about.

May God have mercy upon his soul...


Asthmatic Central

Cold, balmy, wet, cool, hot, humid. Oh, this weather! :-( The nebulizer has been in overdrive this week. Jaz's asthma is ridiculous. Thank God for phenomenal benefits at work. Singulair, Albuterol & Pulmicort are no joke!


This was a FULL pan of enchiladas an hour ago. Believe it or not, Jaz destroyed most of it. She's a fan of the enchilada. They were good though. *pats self on the back*


Disclaimer: this sure is the same shirt I had on yesterday. Threw it on this morning to run to the office to get my coffee pot...don't ask. lol

Tried this style today. Love it.


Fond of Font

Dear Readers of My Blog:

All 2.75 of you.

I am quite fond of my new font.

Let me know if you can't read it.

I hope you can.

Because I really don't want to change it.

Today's pseudo haiku sponsored by: I'm Up Way Past My Bedtime, Inc.

You'd actually be amazed at how close this is to my natural handwriting. At least I think it is, I can't remember the last time I actually wrote more than my name. No wait. I have an army of post-its on my desk at work. And believe me, if I could type on them, I would. #Random

Update #2: Boo. I don't like how my beloved hashtag ( # ) 
looks using this font. I'll change it tomorrow. Much too sleepy.

Head Count

After watching an unhealthy amount of loc styling YouTube videos tonight, I noticed a common question was: "How many locs do you have?"

Hmmm...of course, I then was aghast at my having no knowledge of my loc count! As 'Rain Man' as I AM with numbers?! Child boo! smh

Soooo...I counted. 117. And that might not be accurate. They're short so I kept 2nd guessing whether or not I'd already counted a loc. C'est la vie. I'll stick with 117.

Side Note: It's BEEN past time for me to have them redone. Today makes 29 days. Actually...I usually get em done every 30 days. What a coincidence that I get paid every 30 days...lol

Whatever. Random pictures of the day:

Jaz got her report card today. #PROUD
My baby 'Applies Learning Independently'! Yayyy! lol
After I counted my locs a few minutes ago...lol
{I hate trying to rearrange these pictures 1500x}
The new addition to my building at work. Ain't it fancy?!
This is her reading level.
Yes, yes she DID progress 7 levels
from September through January! {smirk}
How you like DEM apples? =)

Haaaaaair. Fuzzzz. SO ready for them to fully mature.
Because as my Mama says "You steady takin' pictures of yourself." lol

Friday Night Special

Hmmm...could we BE anymore exciting??? LOL She's playing paper toss on her iPod Touch. I'm tryna finish this doggone blanket.


Sooner or later, I'll have to turn my car on, leave this garage...and go to work. Sooner or later. I believe Robert Frost said it best: "And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep." (Excerpt from 'Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening) I probably got that title wrong. lol

Update: It's "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening". I was close! lol



Soooo my latest obsession has been 1) asking God to make my locs grow faster 2) thinking of different ways to style my locs.

Tonight's results aren't stellar...but I find them to be at least commendable...lol *grin*