Kindergarten End Of Year Awards

Third 9 Weeks: Perfect Attendance
Fourth 9 Weeks: Principal's Award
Outstanding Award (Met Accelerated Reader Goals)
Academic Year - Reading Award (High Academic Achievement)
Academic Year - Math Award (High Academic Achievement)

Allow me to introduce...
Mrs. Annie Sargent - Jaz's Kindergarten Teacher.
I thank GOD that He saw fit to place Jaz with her.
She. Is. Phenomenal. Period.
She didn't take no mess!
She worked with Jaz.
I mean she really WORKED, you hear me?!


Cougar of the Month

Yep, that's my kid. Student of the Month. Quite proud of that little girl, I am!


Hair Day...ugh!

Soooo...after 20 days...I knew it was time to take down Jaz's plaits. Yeah, I wrote 20. LOL. This started yesterday afternoon. That's all that was accomplished. This morning, I washed it, applied a TON of moisturizer ('Doo Gro' brand) and put it in six plaits. You'll see traces of it in her Finished pic. I use a lot because her hair is the most powerful sponge known to mankind. I apply the mousturizer while her hair is still wet to keep it from becoming extra dry and crispy in two days. May not be the ideal method but it works for us. Definitely wasn't gonna go super fancy since I'll be doing it again next weekend for her Summer Vacation!! :-)

For those who don't know what I mean by 'plait', here's the dictionary definition:


  [pleyt, plat]  Show IPA
a braid, especially of hair or straw.
a pleat or fold, as of cloth

verb (used with object)
to braid, as hair or straw.
to make, as a mat, by braiding.
to pleat.

Saturday afternoon - started taking it down.
Sunday morning.
You see how excited she was to get it washed? Ha!
Sunday afternoon - finished product.
You can still see traces of the moisturizer.
It's about 98% by now.
In about an hour, it'll be absorbed
by the fro lurking beneath there. 



As seen on Facebook:


Soooo...it's been a tiring week, to say the least.

Here's a timeline of last night:

7:49 PM - "Jaz, go get a book and come get in bed and read to me."

8:21 PM - "Yeah, I'm not sleepy either. Let's play a game where I say a letter and you name an animal that starts with that letter."

7:19 AM - "Mommy, we fell asleep."

Haaaaaa!!! ;-)

7:35 AM - "Hey, go put on your bathing suit."

I should've taken a picture of her face. As you can imagine, much joy was present. lol

Since I am Mother-Of-The-Year (smirk), we've lived here 15 months and have never visited the pool.

7:45 AM - Away we went. Not surprisingly, Jaz seemed terrified of the water and clung to me as if her life depended on it. There were A LOT of june bugs in the water. Yuuuuuck! She kept saying the water was too cold and it wasn't like the pool in Florida. (Please see Westgate Resort post from our Disney World vacation in March. LOL)

But I digress. Alas, pictures...


An Interesting Week...

Monday morning. 

6:30 AM. Jaz got to go to daycare super early so she could ride the bus to school. She loves riding any bus so it was a treat for her to do so. She was giggly and all smiles!

2:15 PM - I get a call from the school nurse stating she has a fever of 102.3. Whaaaat?!

2:30 PM - I arrive at the school. Her fever is now at 103.0. Again - whaaaat?!

Made a few calls.

3:20 PM - We're waiting to be seen by the pediatrician.

4:00 PM - She's given Tylenol.

4:30 PM - Dr. Ramsay believes she has a nasty sinus infection. 
Thick, yellowy drainage. She prescribes medicine. 
Jaz can't leave until her fever is below 100. 
Dr. Ramsay 'prefers' she waits until Thursday 
to return to school but says she can go back Wednesday 
if she doesn't have a fever. 
There goes Jaz's perfect attendance for the year.

4:35 PM - Jaz is given a Pedialyte popsicle.

4:36 PM - Jaz is NOT pleased with Pedialyte popsicle.

4:45 PM - Jaz is ok to go home.

7:00 PM - $111.75 for all her medicine. 
Yes, I have insurance. 
Yes, that's how much it still cost. 
Jaz's Mama was not pleased.
Nana came to the rescue - once again!

Got home. Only ate half a bowl of noodles. 
Took a quick shower. Got a full body massage. 
She's been getting these Johnson& Johnson 
Bedtime Lotion massages since birth, literally. 
I created a monster, I know. 
Went to sleep in Mama's bed, instantly.

Woke up Tuesday morning. 
Fever was 101.1. 
Administered Tylenol.

Went to Denny's. She demolished her breakfast. 
Woo woo! Appetite was restored. 
Laid around watching tv most of the day. 
Took a nap. Had a PB&J sandwich for lunch. 
CranPomStrawberry (homemade, thank you VERY much) popsicles 
and plenty of water and apple juice throughout the day.

Came time for dinner. I made spaghetti, her favorite. 
She had about 3 bites and said she was full.

Oh Lord...

Bedtime rolled around. 
She tossed and turned and was a FURNACE!

This morning rolls around, she states she feels ok. 
Fever was 102.2 at 6:45am. 
I started making calls and sending emails 
stating neither of us would be at work/school again today.

Side Note: Yesterday, around the time school let out, 
her daycare director called me to see why 
Jaz didn't get on the bus after school. 
I'd forgotten to call and let them know! 
On the other hand, one of the reasons why 
I love her daycare so much is because they 
actually CARE about the well being 
of all their students. She said she'd let me 
go so she could call the bus driver to confirm 
Jaz wasn't at school. 
La Petite Academy. Class Act!

Back to this morning. 
Dr. Ramsay's nurse called to check on Jaz (how awesome is that?!). 
Informed her she had the 102.2 fever. 
She said that was no bueno and I needed to bring Jaz back in to check on that.

Soooo back to the doctor's office we'll go at 3:00 this afternoon.
Sponsored, this time, by her Great Grandparents.

These co-pays and medications are no joke!

Good God!

And this is where we are as of now. 
Her fever was down to 99.9 a few minutes ago! Yay! 

Even slyly recorded Jaz this morning as she had laughing fit while watching Beethoven.

Interesting week, indeed...

Single parenthood is no joke. 
It definitely takes a village. 
I'd like a hug and about 12 hours to sleep.
But, alas, gotta keep it movin'!
*sips 3rd cup of coffee* 



My Mama.

There is no other like her on this planet.

In ways and means beyond expression, she has molded me into the woman I am today.

Rarely a day goes by that I don't talk to her and ask her advice on something.

She's one of those Moms everyone wishes they had.

Even at 27, she still comes to my rescue.

Most people think she has two children. The rest know I gave birth to her third child.

She is not only a confidante to me and Cliff...but also to Jaz.

Many nights Jaz, and her little 6 year old tail, has grabbed her iPod and called Nana to video chat and tell her "Can you make your daughter..." or "Your daughter did/said/made me...".

In reality, Mama is flawed - but I genuinely find no fault in her.

Her love is everlasting and unwavering.

Being the Red Headed Stepchild, as result of being Cliff's sister (lol), she has ALWAYS loved each of us for who we were, who we are, and who we hope to become.

I haven't always lived to my full potential...but every little hourly waged job I've had...there was Mama...more excited than I was...as if I'd won the presidency.

And, in moments like that, I wish she knew how much her support meant.

Speaking of support, let's run down THAT list:

I played basketball from 2nd-12th grade. Traveled all over Texas. She never missed a game.

I was in band 6th-10th grade. Traveled all over Texas. Never missed a performance.

Every elementary performance. She was there.

Every middle school performance. She was there.

Every high school performance. She was there.

Fast forward a few years. Labor & Delivery. ALL THE WAY IN THERE. lol

Just wanted to write a quick note to lovingly and genuinely inform you - my Mama is better than yours.

{drops the mic and walks off stage}

I Am A Pearl

Minister Wynter Patterson-Davis

Sermon Title: I Am A Pearl

Really really good topic for Mother's Day, in my opinion :)



Working and being read to...

Yep, I sure do have perm rods in my hair. Washed and rolled last night. Gonna leave them as long as I can stand them.

Hoping for spirally locs. Hoping.