Today's Rambling

Ok, so worked flat out sucked today. I'm definitely praying and asking God to intercede, hierarchically. {Angry Face}

Jaz and I had last night's leftovers. Again - FULL!

Saw this newspaper clipping on FB. LOVED IT!

Finally got the jumbo umbrella I've been looking for.

After I had leftovers...FULL!




So we ended our night of food induced drunkenness with a video call to Nana. LOL

{This is a public blog so we cropped Nana out to prevent her threatening bodily harm for putting her picture on here. She's so violent! Dang. lol}


We ate at Kelley's Country Cookin' tonight.

First time for Jaz. Twas my 2nd trip.


I had the fully loaded roast beef baked potato.

She had chicken fried steak and corn.

We are so full.

We cannot move.

We are "Thanksgiving" full.

We are "change into pajama pants" full.

We are "my tummy hurts" full.

We are "I just wanna lie down" full.

We are "going to bed early" full.

Full. Full. Full.



This has been THE laziest weekend of the year. THE laziest. Here's a few pics from the last few no particular order...


Friday Night Fun

Soooo...boredom having overtaken both of BFF Darelle came over. Dude is one of those guy friends every girl wants. Helped me move all the furniture in my apartment. Helped hang curtains, put my dining table, etc.

Anyway, we won't discuss the state of my kitchen. Let's just say he came in and started washing dishes.

Since I like to mess with him and he hates taking's a whole bunch of em! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL



The past 24 hours have been absolutely remarkable.

Will update tomorrow :-) :-) :-)

And to catch you up on my comings and goings...this smile has nothing to do with what I update tomorrow. If you know me, you already know what it #VisitToTheZoo

Well...I forgot.

To post the finished pics of Jaz's hair Monday night. So I took these Tuesday morning before school.





Went to church (the usual).

Went to Sephora and bought foundation AND lipstick (haven't done that in Jaz's lifetime).

Went to see "The Secret World of Arietty". My child is a con artist. She said she'd seen the previews. I'd never heard of it. It was like old school Japanese anime or something. Hated it. She loved it though. Whatever.

Came home.

Gave myself a mani/pedi. 'Fiercely Fabulous' - Sephora by OPI. It's a bright red/orange/pink hue. Love.

Did this while she was taking a nap.

She woke up.

Gave her a mani/pedi.

She's waiting on hers to dry now. We're sitting in my room watching Harry Potter.

Her school is closed tomorrow. Daycare is closed for professional development day. So I had to take the day off. What's that mean? She sure will be in the dentist's office at 10:00 AM! ;-)

Tis all for now.

Alas, snapshots of makeup/manicure...


Jasmine Vanilla

Random Fact: this Jasmine Vanilla fragrance from Bath & Body Works is just sinful.

Perhaps that's why it's part of the 'Sensual' line.

It is uh-mazing.



The Letter

Got the letter today. What letter, you ask? The one stating my child is being recommended for the Gifted & Talented Program (GT) and asking my permission to formally test her.

Work has been hell this week. Jaz's academia has been heaven. The latter won though. Jaz always wins in my book. Corny, I know :-)


-- JOY --


The Parent-Teacher Conference was uh-mazing!

Jaz is above and beyond all the goals for a Kindergartener at the END of the year. Wait, isn't it just mid-February? Why yes, yes it is! lol

Needless to say, I am OBNOXIOUSLY (Bite me! This is my blog! lol) proud of my little womb-mate super genius! Yeah, I said it - super genius! Nope, I'm not biased at all ;-)

Honestly though, it warms my heart. Single parenting is tough as it is - without the usual stigmatization. You know...all of the:

- She's not married. Well, is she divorced? No? Oh, that poor child.
- The child is in a broken home.
- The child is ignored.
- The Mom must be sleeping around.
- Men are probably in and out the house.

Blah blah blah and all the other stereotypes.

I do the best I can and try to set a good example for my kid. I made the decision to do so upon crying *ahem* 'gazing lovingly' at that pregnancy test 7 years ago. lol

If you talk to Nana, Uncle Cliff or me, we have bazillions of stories chronicling how we believe this is the most brilliant child known to mankind! LOL LOL LOL

Kid is smart though. I'm just sayin ;-)

Anyway, behold my child's awesomeness. I don't think I can be any more proud than I am now!! Umm yeah, it's just one sheet of paper. Framed, it must be! :-D

PS: Letter Knowledge & Phonemic Awareness? She tested so high the first time they did it, there was no need to test her again. This qualified her to undergo GT (Gifted & Talented) testing. Her teacher believes she will "above and beyond" pass the test. {smirk} You betta ask somebody bout MY baby! Ok ok, I'm done....maybe.

Super Busy

Dang! Well, it's  been a suuuuuuuuuuper busy week.

We wake up, get dressed, go to school/work, eat, come home, talk/watch tv, bathe and go to sleep. lol

Work is definitely kickin my tail this week.

In other news, my parent-teacher conference is this afternoon.

Pray for me. I hope it's pleasant.

I think that's all for now.

Have to be back to wok in 15 minutes.

I'm leaning sideways as I type this - eyelids heavy.

Work is definitely kickin my tail this week.



Heart Attack!!

Long story short. It started on Pinterest. A friend of mine, Brooke Burns, shared the link to this project on Pinterest. She and her husband decorated their kids' door.

Seeing as how I was feeling less than stellar about Jaz's Valentine's Day gift (y'all saw the laundry sorter and trash can project, right? LOL)...figured this was the least I can do.

Hopped on the computer and went to Word. Used 'Insert Shapes' to create the hearts and chose colors Jaz likes.

The longest part of this project? Cutting the hearts out. Scissors have never been a friend of mine. Not ever. But I digress...

Instead of decorating her door, I placed these around the apartment. Can't wait to see her face in the morning!

Behold, 12 of the bazillion things I love about my womb-mate:

Update: she loved them! 
Had to break out the ipod 
so she could take Nana 
on a tour of the apt 
via video chat!


Today has not been delightful.

Today has not been fantastic.

Today has not been superb.

Today has not been good.

Today has not been okay.


God allowed me to see a new day.

God allowed my child to see a new day.

God allowed my car to start.

God allowed us to safely make it to school and work.

God allowed.

God provided.

God is good.

His mercy endureth forever.

I've never seen the righteous forsaken.

Nor his seed begging bread.

He's an on time God, yes He is.

Guide me over, thou Great Jehovah.

This little light of mine.

Ha ha, I'm gonna let it shine.

LOL, ok I'm done.

Today really has sucked though.

This, too, shall pass :-)


R.I.P Whitney Houston

Where were you when you heard of her passing? Jaz & I were walking into a restaurant when I got a call from Cliff:


"Chiiiiiiild they done got Whitney! They done got her!"


"She died, mannnnn."

"Where'd you hear that?!"

"I'm watching MSNBC now."

Aaaaand my heart sank.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

I'd much rather focus on her accomplishments. Those that, woefully, took a backseat to her tumultuous struggle with substance abuse.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

1963 - 2012.

The woman was a legend. She was also a flawed human being - as we all are. She chose undesirable paths and I pray her sudden passing isn't in relation to undesirable circumstance.

In Other News: Don Lemon, CNN Anchor, has deftly and masterfully and tastefully covered Whitney's passing. The man is to be commended for not dwelling on substance abuse issues. He's been steadily focusing on the 100's of millions of albums sold and the magnanimity of Whitney's voice.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

Such a sad sad sad end for Nippy...


I knew I wouldn't have my unobscured view forever :-(

Mind. Blown.

Is not this THE cutest key cover EVER?!

Saturday Project #2

Bought Jaz a laundry sorter at Walmart. $30. She'd been using one of those huge aqua beach tubs with the rope handles as a laundry basket. Sorting through all that was getting on my laaaaast nerve. Putting it together took less than 15 minutes. We did it together and no tears were involved. lol

Awesome Tidbit: Because I am Mother-of-the-Year (inside joke)...Jaz has a good four loads of laundry in those 3 bins. But you can't even tell! Suffice it to say, that's worth the $30 and the laundry sorter is here to stay!

And now that it's almost 4:30 PM...{sigh}...I guess I can start tackling the rest of the apartment.

Artsy Craftsy

Soooo I needed a new trash can.

Knew I wanted a Rubbermaid 50 gallon.

Yeah, it's an eyesore but I only have to take out the trash once/week.

Still, it's an eyesore.

Anyway, since we still had Dollar Tree wall stickers laying around, I had an idea.

We're actually both QUITE pleased with the end result.

And that's our DIY Craft for this weekend. Stickers on a trash can. LOL. Only me and Jaz...smh



Ummm...real nice...especially when I should be at work. Long story...but I'm updating my freakin address and photo on my driver's license. SMH.


Loc Update

Eight days after I got my hair done:

Grand Opening (Work)

I'm the spitting image of my Dad. 
Kinda freaked me out when I first saw this. 
Yep, lookin' like Daddy. LOL


The Womb-mate

Sometimes I forget she's 6.

Every night, she's tucked into bed with her Ballerina Barbie (don't remember from whence she came), Princess Tiana (from Nana), blue Care Bear (a gift from her Dad to me 8 years ago - crazy huh?), and her stuffed frog (5th bday gift from her godfather).

Without any of the above, there is no bedtime.

I'm having a watch-her-as-she-sleeps moment (smile)

Update - 9:36 PM CST - Oh yeah...and that God awful dolphin pillow pet she begged me for a couple years ago. FYI: it's the ugliest pillow pet of all so, of course, she loves it.

Took a picture...

Here it is. The end.