An Epidemic...

So yesterday I posted this picture of Jaz's hair on Facebook. I'd taken down her braids on the right side and twisted it to keep it out of the way. I was getting ready to start taking down her braids on the left side. A family member commented on the picture and said I needed to put a perm (chemical straightener) on her hair. Was I offended? No, I'm used to that negative commentary in that quarter. However, I was disappointed. My child is six years old. Brain still developing. Why would I want to apply toxic chemicals directly onto her scalp? What would that teach her at 6? Her hair is healthy. Her hair is long. It's been flat ironed once. Why chemicals though? I respect an adult's decision to do whatever they want with their own hair. But to pointedly call my child's hair nappy and say I need to straighten it? I wish I could protect Jaz from rude people...but I can't. I have taught Jaz that people buy hair and sew or glue it to their hair to make it look like theirs. I've told Jaz that when she gets older, she can do whatever she wants (within reason) to her hair. She knows that as long as she's in my home, it goes no deeper than flat ironing. And we're ok with that for now. This is the first direct insult I've experienced regarding her hair. I'll get over it. It's just....maddening, I guess.

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