The Past Few Days

Got a call Wednesday (12/5/12) afternoon stating Jaz had a fever and I needed to come pick her up. She looked terrible. So I did the Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen shuffle every 4 hours and hoped the fever would pass. Thursday morning, her fever was 102.7. Decided it was time to visit her pediatrician. Got there and fever was 103.5. They tested her for strep and flu and did a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia. All came back negative - except for Type A Influenza. Grrrreat. Soooo...she was prescribed Tamiflu and Pulmicort and Zithromax (Doc said the flu would probably evolve into a bacterial infection - evidenced by green mucus. She was right. Yuck.)

We have insurance. Tamiflu was $85 WITH insurance. Mother. Of. God. Yes, I still have sticker shock 5 days later. LOL.

Soooo her fever vacillated on and off through Sunday morning and finally went away. She was bummed out that she had to miss two days of school. Yet, she was still lethargic and lying down whenever possible. Mother's intuition (yeah, I get that sometime...lol) told me I'd better keep her juuust one more day. So she missed school yesterday. But she had an extra day to rest and cough up all that nastiness and sleep as she pleased. It worked.

This morning, she leapt out of her bed (finally slept in her room and I had my bed to myself! Gloraaay!) and was eager to go to school. I was pretty hyped about being able to be around adults, honestly.

I worked until 6, instead of the usual 5. Got to daycare at 6:10 and heard "Mom, remember I have to be at school at 6:35 to sing at Supper With Santa?!?" Whaaaaat?! So we rushed home and found tights and a dress that didn't need ironing. Through on some boots, quickly raked a brush through her hair and rushed to her elementary. Got there at 6:40. Just in time as the kids were lining up to walk to the cafeteria.

Yes, I recorded it. Behold, the awesomeness:
We all know she's the tallest up there on the left.

Anyway, the pictures below:

This is how she looked on Thursday, Sunday and today.

What an eventful 6 days we've had! :-)

This is us after she sang with her class at Supper With Santa.

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