This morning, Jaz was up around 6ish as usual. 

Little did she know...she was about to experience a morning dedicated to her. 

Until that time...I told her it was time to start getting ready cuz I had some places I wanted to go. Ran her bath water and put out her play clothes on the bed. She expected nothing. 

Told her we needed to clean up before we left so I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and started taking linens off the beds and raised the windows. She vacuumed the whole apartment. 

Then the doorbell rang. 

She asked who it was. I looked confused and said I didn't know. So I went downstairs to answer the door. 

Who was it? Mr. Desmond! 

We finished getting ready and he took us to breakfast at Tel-Winks in Houston. It. Was. Delicious. 

Seeing as how it was right down the street from Gulfgate Shopping Center...and I can't ever pass a Ross or Marshalls without perusing....we stopped in those stores and looked around. 

Then we headed back to La Porte. Me and Jaz went upstairs to put our leftover food in the fridge. 

While in the kitchen, I asked her where her bat was. She asked why and I gave her the look. She started jumping up and down and ran to give me a hug. "Thank you, Mommy!" I told her it was a surprise from Mr. Desmond and he wanted to take her out to hit at the field. "Yayyy! Thank you for letting me go with Mr. Desmond!" She grabbed her "Hello Kitty" bat and ball and glove he'd given to her a couple weeks ago and we got back in his truck. 

Went to the field and she had a blast! He taught her how to hold the bat and how to swing and how to catch pop ups and how to field grounders. 

It was a great morning. 

Currently resting until this evening. He's taking us to the Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park (our favorite park!) to watch a Motown production. 

Taking blankets and chairs to sit on the hill. 

I'm excited about it. 

Jaz doesn't know yet. 

She's currently knocked out taking a nap! :-)

And here's a video of her batting. 
If you can't see this in email, you'll probably have to actually go to to watch it! :-)

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