Do It Yourself Sunday

Found this dresser by the dumpster last month. Of course, I snatched it! Wheeled it to my garage and it sat there all this time. Today, I decided it was time. Wiped it down with clorox spray and an old tshirt. Unscrewed all the handles. Went to Lowe's. Bought paint and a mask and gloves and a tarp to paint on. Came back home and started sanding. Chunks of wood were missing. So I went back to Lowe's for wood filler. (For your information, I know my Grandpa is proud of me as he's reading this. We worked on projects like this ALL THE TIME when I was little!) Got back home and used the wood filler. Let it dry then sanded it down. Wiped everything down again and started painting...with spray paint! Yup. This is a 100% spray painted 100% wood dresser. Total Project Cost: $51.00! Not bad! I love it! :-)

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