Jazmine The Eighth

Yesterday was my baby's 8th birthday! Geez, time waits for no one. I still remember going into labor. I still remember the 4.5 hours it took to bring her into this world. I still remember the doctor stating she was born approximately at 2:33 AM. I still remember the 6 lbs 5.2 oz and 19 5/8" of wiggles being placed in my arms. Fast forward to now. Tallest 2nd grader at 4'10. Time flies when you're having fun!

Yesterday's Events

Woke up at 5:30.

Surprised Jaz and told her to wake up and take care of personal hygiene so we could go to breakfast.

She was excited!

She and I went to Ihop about 6:30.

She decided on the "Scary Pancake" as her birthday breakfast.

Ate then dropped her off at school.

I then headed downtown for an interview in the Texas Medical Center. Really excited about it. Went very well. Will update on the outcome in a couple weeks! ;-)

Came back to our side of town then picked up 72 mini cupcakes. 36 for school. 36 for daycare. All for $18 at Walmart! Yay!

Then came time to pick Jaz up from daycare.

She was shocked when she saw Mr. Desmond walk in with me. He also got to see the tedious process to pick her up. LOL. Enter a code to get in the building. Enter a code in the computer to sign her out. Enter a code on the door to gain access to the classrooms at the daycare. I'm used to it now. He thought it was high tech. I guess it kinda

We got back to his truck.

He handed Jaz a large gift bag and she started tearing through it!


I'm pretty sure she now feels her life is complete. She knows nothing about the Texans. She thought the #8 on the jersey was an 8 for her age. Had no idea who Schaub was. LOL LOL

From there, we came home so she could open her presents from Grandma and Grandpa & PawPaw & me.

Moneyyyyy. And coooookies. And a Bible storybook. And Hello Kitty goodies. And an obnoxiously pink and zebra print travel mug and a box of tea k cups. (K cups go in the Keurig Coffee machine. All I had was coffee and Jaz likes putting in the k cups. Since we drink tea every night, now she has her own k cups she can use! Also, whenever we're running errands in the morning, she wants a travel mug to bring her tea or hot chocolate. Now she got one.)

After all of that...we surprised her by taking her to ITZ. It's like Chuck E. Cheese but bigger.

Finally, here are the pictures and Facebook posts all about the birthday girl!

So if we missed your call yesterday or took forever to call you back, now you know why. Twas a busy busy busy day! :-)

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