My Mama.

There is no other like her on this planet.

In ways and means beyond expression, she has molded me into the woman I am today.

Rarely a day goes by that I don't talk to her and ask her advice on something.

She's one of those Moms everyone wishes they had.

Even at 27, she still comes to my rescue.

Most people think she has two children. The rest know I gave birth to her third child.

She is not only a confidante to me and Cliff...but also to Jaz.

Many nights Jaz, and her little 6 year old tail, has grabbed her iPod and called Nana to video chat and tell her "Can you make your daughter..." or "Your daughter did/said/made me...".

In reality, Mama is flawed - but I genuinely find no fault in her.

Her love is everlasting and unwavering.

Being the Red Headed Stepchild, as result of being Cliff's sister (lol), she has ALWAYS loved each of us for who we were, who we are, and who we hope to become.

I haven't always lived to my full potential...but every little hourly waged job I've had...there was Mama...more excited than I if I'd won the presidency.

And, in moments like that, I wish she knew how much her support meant.

Speaking of support, let's run down THAT list:

I played basketball from 2nd-12th grade. Traveled all over Texas. She never missed a game.

I was in band 6th-10th grade. Traveled all over Texas. Never missed a performance.

Every elementary performance. She was there.

Every middle school performance. She was there.

Every high school performance. She was there.

Fast forward a few years. Labor & Delivery. ALL THE WAY IN THERE. lol

Just wanted to write a quick note to lovingly and genuinely inform you - my Mama is better than yours.

{drops the mic and walks off stage}

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