Hair Day...ugh!

Soooo...after 20 days...I knew it was time to take down Jaz's plaits. Yeah, I wrote 20. LOL. This started yesterday afternoon. That's all that was accomplished. This morning, I washed it, applied a TON of moisturizer ('Doo Gro' brand) and put it in six plaits. You'll see traces of it in her Finished pic. I use a lot because her hair is the most powerful sponge known to mankind. I apply the mousturizer while her hair is still wet to keep it from becoming extra dry and crispy in two days. May not be the ideal method but it works for us. Definitely wasn't gonna go super fancy since I'll be doing it again next weekend for her Summer Vacation!! :-)

For those who don't know what I mean by 'plait', here's the dictionary definition:


  [pleyt, plat]  Show IPA
a braid, especially of hair or straw.
a pleat or fold, as of cloth

verb (used with object)
to braid, as hair or straw.
to make, as a mat, by braiding.
to pleat.

Saturday afternoon - started taking it down.
Sunday morning.
You see how excited she was to get it washed? Ha!
Sunday afternoon - finished product.
You can still see traces of the moisturizer.
It's about 98% by now.
In about an hour, it'll be absorbed
by the fro lurking beneath there. 

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