Swimming's been a tiring week, to say the least.

Here's a timeline of last night:

7:49 PM - "Jaz, go get a book and come get in bed and read to me."

8:21 PM - "Yeah, I'm not sleepy either. Let's play a game where I say a letter and you name an animal that starts with that letter."

7:19 AM - "Mommy, we fell asleep."

Haaaaaa!!! ;-)

7:35 AM - "Hey, go put on your bathing suit."

I should've taken a picture of her face. As you can imagine, much joy was present. lol

Since I am Mother-Of-The-Year (smirk), we've lived here 15 months and have never visited the pool.

7:45 AM - Away we went. Not surprisingly, Jaz seemed terrified of the water and clung to me as if her life depended on it. There were A LOT of june bugs in the water. Yuuuuuck! She kept saying the water was too cold and it wasn't like the pool in Florida. (Please see Westgate Resort post from our Disney World vacation in March. LOL)

But I digress. Alas, pictures...

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