Heart Attack!!

Long story short. It started on Pinterest. A friend of mine, Brooke Burns, shared the link to this project on Pinterest. She and her husband decorated their kids' door.

Seeing as how I was feeling less than stellar about Jaz's Valentine's Day gift (y'all saw the laundry sorter and trash can project, right? LOL)...figured this was the least I can do.

Hopped on the computer and went to Word. Used 'Insert Shapes' to create the hearts and chose colors Jaz likes.

The longest part of this project? Cutting the hearts out. Scissors have never been a friend of mine. Not ever. But I digress...

Instead of decorating her door, I placed these around the apartment. Can't wait to see her face in the morning!

Behold, 12 of the bazillion things I love about my womb-mate:

Update: she loved them! 
Had to break out the ipod 
so she could take Nana 
on a tour of the apt 
via video chat!