R.I.P Whitney Houston

Where were you when you heard of her passing? Jaz & I were walking into a restaurant when I got a call from Cliff:


"Chiiiiiiild they done got Whitney! They done got her!"


"She died, mannnnn."

"Where'd you hear that?!"

"I'm watching MSNBC now."

Aaaaand my heart sank.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

I'd much rather focus on her accomplishments. Those that, woefully, took a backseat to her tumultuous struggle with substance abuse.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

1963 - 2012.

The woman was a legend. She was also a flawed human being - as we all are. She chose undesirable paths and I pray her sudden passing isn't in relation to undesirable circumstance.

In Other News: Don Lemon, CNN Anchor, has deftly and masterfully and tastefully covered Whitney's passing. The man is to be commended for not dwelling on substance abuse issues. He's been steadily focusing on the 100's of millions of albums sold and the magnanimity of Whitney's voice.

Whitney, oh Whitney.

Such a sad sad sad end for Nippy...

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