Top Reader

So as Jaz is getting ready for bed tonight...and I was fussing about how a little girl's room should always stay clean...I asked her what other papers she'd brought home from school today. She pulled this paper out how folder and read the ENTIRE paragraph by herself! OMG!

Disclaimer: I helped her with 'exchange' and 'cooperation'.

But still...MY BABY CAN READ!

Without any fancy pants new age software either, thank you very much! She's been read to since in the womb. We champion literacy in this household! ;-)

Oh...and the fact that Nana just so happened to be joining us via video chat for this impromptu awesomeness? Made it 10x better!

Ummm...of course...we broke out into happy dances once she'd finished. Lot of dancing and cheering. Gotta love us. We're so weird. LOL.

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