Me: "What do you plan to accomplish today?"

Jaz: "What does that mean?"

Me: "What do you want to get done today that will prepare you for the rest of the week?"

Jaz: "Let's have a girls day and watch a movie."

Me: "And how will that help you for next week?"

Jaz: "I'll be happy and we'll get to spend time together because we haven't had girls day in soooooo long."

Me: "We do girls day every weekend, ma'am."

Jaz: "Oh. What do you want to do to get ready for next week? What are we doing for Spring Break? Are we really gonna just sit at home and do NOTHING?! That's what you told Nana we were gonna do."

Me: "I already told you we don't have a lot of money, Jaz. We'll figure something out. Maybe we can go to the park or something."

Jaz: "Oh." (looks so pitiful)

Reality: This child is actually being gifted a surprise trip to Disney World for Spring Break. We fly out Saturday morning and return the following Friday. She obviously doesn't know this. My Mom & I have gotten really good at surprising her. Mama flies into Houston Friday night. I'm gonna tell Jaz I'm picking up one of my friends from the airport. She won't know we're going to Disney World until we get on the plane. That's the plan so far. Mama & I are still working on synchronizing details and logistics. I hope Jaz doesn't faint. lol.

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