A Year - Already? Then Why Won't You GROW!?!

March 5th makes one year since I last combed my hair. That sounds funny. LOL. I know today's the 3rd but the 5th is on Monday...and after I leave work...I don't wanna look at anybody's computer. So this serves as my really really long First Annual - Annual Update. Obviously, I need to come up with a better title. It's my first annual, sue me! Anyway, I am one of those (wretched, superficial, ignorant, conceited, dumb, nonsensical, sad) people who only focus on how long their locs will be one day. Oh, why won't they grow! Why, God, why? Oh Lawwwd Jesus! WHY is everyone else's growing like weeds and mine is lumbering at a snail's pace. Oh my dear Lawd Jesus! Why? Why won't you grow, lovelies? I love each and every one of you, individually.

Whew, that felt good. Back to business.

Obviously, my locs aren't fully mature yet. And the first place I had them done was a den of ____!!! So, technically, my annual celebration should be held on 7/5/2012. But this is when I first had them done. Oh and don't even get me started on shrinkage. I get em done. Gloriously longer! 4 weeks later. Shrinkage. I won't have these issues once they mature. Le siiigh.

Anyway, on to an unreasonable amount of pictures w/commentary:

The morning of 03/05/2011.
I kinda miss my fro.
Wait, no I don't .
Well, there they are - 3/5/2011

Bout a month later. smh

Mother's Day 2011

Sometime between May & June 2011. Shrinkage. Woe was I.

Woo woo! Went to Uncle Funky's Daughter.
Only the best natural hair care salon...
in the universe.

Okay, I got lazy and Jaz is hungry so here are the rest of the pics from then until yesterday.
I'll probably come back and tidy them up and comment.
Might not though.
Shocking, I know.
{evil laugh}

I know we were at Tortilla's.
And this was taken in 2011.
That's about it. lol

Grow? Maybe? Please?

Really interesting hair day.

In the office, obviously.

Why won't you growwwwwww?


December 2011

January 2012

August 2011.

September 2011

November 2011, maybe?

August 2011
Late 2011.

The day I got my new glasses {evil laugh}

Jaz's 6th Birthday. Kemah Boardwalk.
My brother. Obviously we have the same parents. Obviously.

Daydreaming at work.

Lemme see what the back looks like. {expletive}

Twisted it up that sat.

Don't remember what I did.
Do remember being pleased though.

'Faces' app on iPhone. Download it. Now. lol
Early February 2012.

Lot of *ahem* new growth here. LOL

January 2012

February 2012

Yesterday - March 2, 2012

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