The Womb-Mate and I (Spring Break)

Did a much better job of actually getting pictures of just the two of us.

This is our first official grand (not going to visit family) vacation.

Many more 'Womb-Mate and I' photos on my camera.

I'm just sayin. We vacationed often when I was younger. Cliff (my brother) and I were far from deprived. But ain't nobody EVA took us to Disney World! Hmph! lol {I assure you my Mama is reading this saying 'Whatever!' I assure you Cliff is reading this saying 'Yeah, we came at the wrong time cuz we ain't the golden child, Jazmine Ashy Knees Thompson!' - I don't why he calls her that. He's done it since her birth. He's just strange. lol}

Alas, I digress...

Quite pleased am I.

Euphoric is she.

In Jesus' name, amen :-)

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