Didn't go to church today. Watched it on my iPhone. I know, I know. Even worse, my Grandma reads this blog so she won't be pleased. Love you, Mu! lol

In case I haven't stated before, I attend Higher Dimension Church in Houston.

Commonly referred to as Higher D.

There are no words to describe it. Just know I love it.

Here are screenshots from my phone. Out of order, of course. I have no control over that when posting from my phone, fyi. Update: Got on the computer to put them on order.
Pastor J
 Terrance H. Johnson
Pastor of Higher Dimension Church

If this ain't the worse screenshot ever taken, IDK what is. SMH.

Pastor J done "preached himself happy"!
See how he started off GQ with them glasses on?
Sweating and hollerin in the end.
That's what I call his "good preachin"

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