Thanksgiving Stuff

Ashley & Jaz - seriously, they're only 9 days apart <3
Frying tortillas for enchiladas at Grandma's
The BFF's - Jaz and her beloved Nana! She used to be MY Mom #SideEye LOL
Aunt Brenda had her taking the plastic off her poinsettias.
Jaz & Grandma making cranberry almond cookies. Deeeeelicious, they were!
I look crazy in this picture. Only one I had of all of us at the football game in San Antonio though. Booo!
Stopped at this rest area on I-10. It was niiiice.
Grandma & Jaz making enchiladas.
Moi and the 385 different shades of brown on my
Grandpa picked us up every morning and took us to the Pancake House! #Delicious
Braided Jaz's hair into the twisty mohawk she always asks for.
First double rainbow I've ever!

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