The Womb-Mate and I

In an effort to keep everyone updated on the adventures of Tiff & Jaz, thought I'd start blogging.

Explanation of the Blog Title:
Those who know us...know Jaz and I don't have your typical Mother-Daughter relationship. We're more like roommates. Since she is, indeed, the fruit of my womb, I call her my womb-mate. Our relationship is one of deference and mutual respect. Except she knows she BETTA do what I say, when I say it and as soon as I say it! I *might* be considered to be a little strict...maybe. But she's probably the most well-behaved, amiable, personable and all around pleasant Kindergartener you've ever met! Huh? No, I'm not biased {grin}

For what it's worth, I know I've started a blog at least 3-5 times since her birth (6 yrs 2 months ago)...but we'll see how this goes.

Might work out well since I'm writing this via an app on my phone.

The weather lends itself to staying indoors anyway {smirk}
Taken around 7AM this morning. News said it's 0.5 visibility. Oh, how lovely...

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