WTH? Acronyms and Hashtags?!

I use hashtags (the # sign) and acronyms, frequently.

Uh huh, please do include me among the damnable youth intent on bastardizing the King's English! {rolls eyes}

Below is an explanation of the most common:

#SideEye - dismissive reaction to a person/event of a puzzling nature

#SideEye - a quick way to say "come on now, you know better!"

#DEAD - I laughed so hard, I died.

#iDied - see #DEAD explanation and can also be used to express great joy.

#iDiiiiiiie - expresses great joy.

#fellOUT - I laughed so hard, I fell down and/or tossed my head back in uproarious laughter.

Catching on to the histrionics yet? {smile}

SMH {my favorite} - stands for 'shaking my head'; usually in disapproval, occasionally in awe.

SN - stands for 'side note'.

LOL - laugh out loud.

LMAO - laughing my astronaut off.  {#SideEye - obviously, it doesn't stand for astronaut.}

WTH - what the hades? {Example: What the hades were you thinking?!"} 

TH - the hades? {Example: The hades was you thinkin?! SN: Folks from the South and/or the country will get this one.}

GTFOH - get that frank outta here. {#SuperSideEye}

FOH - frank outta here {#SideEye}

I think that about covers the ones I use most often. After having to spell out entire words {quelle horreur!} in the last two posts, I figured these explanations were a necessity. Actually got on my computer to type this post. Obviously, I need to stay on my phone. I get carried away with different colors. LOL

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