The Christmas Program!

Last night, Jaz's school held their annual "Supper With Santa" program. The kindergarten class sang a medley of Christmas songs - complete with cute choreographed 'hand gestures' (side note: what's it called when you sing a song and there are hand movements that accompany it? I'm sure there's a term, right?) I digress...

She even took pictures with Santa so I presume they'll be sent home soon.

Anyway, behold! A quick portrait of Miss I-Can't-Be-Still-Long-Enough-To-Take-This-Picture and yet another of Miss I'm-Too-Busy-Being-Nosy-To--Look-At-My-Mom-Hurdling-Over-People-To-Take-My-Picture...{sigh}
I'm thinking this is her 'cute' pose?

And the tallest Kindergartener is...mine. SMH

Check out their performance! Tooo cute!

Oh wait! Here's a side profile of her tearin' UP some potato chips. Supper With Santa consisted of: Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, water and chips of your choice. Fancy, I know.

LOL at the baby. Maybe she was hungry, too!

Side Note: I had to retype 60% of this post because I tried to correct a typo via my phone. 
Never ever again. SMH.

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