Dreadlocks {locs/dreads}

Locs are matted coils of hair.

Etymologically, the term 'dreadlocks' is derived from two commonly utilized origins.

1) Around the 60's (I think) dreadlocks were viewed as dreadful. So unclean, so unkempt, so de clase. In other words, dreadful locks of hair.

2) In Jamaica (Rastafarianism), dreadlocks referred to a life of "dread of Jah" (fear of the Lord - which 97% of Christians practice today, by the way.)

Disclaimer: I'm recalling this from memory. No need to scoff at any historical errors. Just a rough summarization.

A question I'm asked most often? Why would I want dreads?

Answer: I like how they look and I live a lifestyle of simplicity. No need to sit in a beauty salon all day and SCARE my hair into being bone straight with hazardous chemicals. Mind you, I used to get relaxers (commonly referred to as perms but they straighten your hair) every 4-6 weeks. At around $80/visit, it adds up! But to each our own.

DISCLAIMER #2: I *still* visit a natural hair salon (no heat, no relaxers, only organic products) every 6 weeks and I pay about the same. I go to Uncle Funky's Daughter (UFD) in Houston. Please delight yourself and visit their website. I love love love the salon AND the boutique!

DISCLAIMER #3: I visit UFD every 6 weeks to make sure my hair is presentable at work. Locs are still very much stigmatized so if I'm gonna have em, I have to come correct and look professional. RANT: I despise having to religiously maintain my 'ethnic hairstyle' to satiate popular opinion. But I do need a job so I do what I gotta do.

I'm sure this'll be THE longest post in the history of

I started my loc journey on March 5, 2011...with a big ol fro.
The big ol fro...

Went to an African Braiding Salon in the heart of the ghetto. First mistake.

My hair was twisted into comb coils using mousse and honey. Yes, I'm serious. #FAIL So I continued going there for the next few months til I decided I'd be more comfortable paying almost twice at a critically acclaimed PROFESSIONAL salon.
The finished product after the first visit to the seedy shop...

First visit at Uncle Funky's was July 1, 2011 and I haven't looked back since! Yay! My loctician (beautician who does locs) just so happens to co-own Uncle Funky's with her husband. The Reed's are probably the funkiest folks you'll ever meet :-)

Alas, pictures!
First visit to Uncle Funky's!

Loctician told me I could braid 'em and they'd be crinkly. It worked! :-)
Pinned it up after I braided it. Was quite pleased.
Taken a few minutes ago.
I'd say I'm about 60% locked (almost 60% matted)
A lot of new growth.
Don't judge appointment is on

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