Good Friday

How much do I love my Mama? Enough to drive in to Harlingen last night and miss being at my church at noon today...because Dr. Marvin Sapp is preaching!!!

For those who don't know, he's a Pastor - first. And a huuuuuuge gospel singer - second.

Not too upset though...she and I are watching it online :-)

Sermon Topic: "Turn Up The Volume" Acts 16:25-26

"The problem with the 21st century church is we're more entertainment based than prayer driven. Some of y'all heard Marvin Sapp was coming and y'all thought you was bout to have a 12 noon concert. Well na na na naaa na, YOU GOT PLAYED!"

If I had a wig, I woulda snatched it off! #FAINTS lol lol lol

"You can't JUST live on what God also have to live on what God is SAYING! Ok, I lost you. Let me get Abraham to help me out. God SAID he was to sacrifice his son as offering. As soon as he was about to sacrifice Isaac, a sound came from Heaven and told him there was a ram in the bush. Had he lived only on what God said and stopped listening to what God what saying....Lord, did I lose y'all again?!?"

So obviously Dr. Sapp came to preach tuh-day, baby!

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