Gahd-ning, dahling!

The pot of aloe vera on top of my kitchen cabinet was hanging halfway down my cabinet doors. So I transplanted it to these 4 pots. Added the fake red flowers for prettiness. Used the white flowers as stakes in the bigger planters. Seriously, those aloe vera 'stick things' are at the bottom. They are huuumongous! About that orange pot. I bought myself (smirk!) Calanchacoe (I'm certain that's NOT how you spell it! lol) last Mother's Day. They died. Boooo. So they sat on my patio, dead and crunchy, since then. Anyway, ignoring the fact I keep dead plants on my patio all.the.time, about a month ago, they started growing back! Whaaaat?! So I yanked about the 'all hope is lost' sections and kept those. Yayyy!!!

I'm sure by now you've realized I'm no Dorothy Chandler or Ella Johnson. Yeah, they're my Grandmas. And they can grow anything. More importantly, they keep stuff...alive...which seems to be my downfall.

Ohhhh but on the 8th day...God created aloe vera...and He knew it was good...and He knew it'd be self sufficient...and He blessed mankind with its self sufficiency and wondrous healing powers!

Can we get a Praise Break for aloe vera?! HalleLUjah! In Jesus'name!

Yeah...I ain't watered this aloe vera plant in MONTHS! Because I forgot, of course. Yet it lives and thrives! {Praise Break} I oughta name it Lazarus.

But I digress...

Here's my little podunk 'garden' I'm immensely proud of!

Oh wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Somebody left some tires in front of my garage...for like ever...and I decided to adopt them! I know I wanna plant something in em. Don't know what yet. Oh, we are definitely gonna paint em, too! Don't know the theme yet. But I got two of em. And I'm open to suggestions :-)

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