Summer is around the corner! What's that mean? Time to whip out the homemade popsicles!

We got the 3 pack of Crayola popsicle molds at Walmart. I think it was $3.

Last night, I poured Sunny D in one, Cranberry Pomegranate juice in the other and apple juice in the third one.

Tonight, she's had the Sunny D and I had the CranPom.

Little does she know...when she goes to sleep...I'm popping open a chocolate puffing cup and scooping some into a ziplock bag and stirring in some Cool Whip...then I'm gonna cut the tip off the bottom of the ziplock and 'pipe' it into the popsicle molds for frozen chocolate pudding pops! She is gonna freak out! lol

Side Note: For those who don't know - I HATE CHOCOLATE. Always have. Always will. Yuck. Oh...except for German Chocolate Cake and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Besides those? I HATE CHOCOLATE.

Here's a picture of the deliciousness...(pause) LOL LOL LOL

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