Gifted...and Talented

Don't remember if I'd mentioned it...but Jaz was nominated for the GT Program for 1st grade about a month ago.

They tested her.

Got a letter today stating "...there wasn't enough compelling evidence to place your child in the Gifted & Talented Program."

Deciding on how to tell her. Don't want her thinking she's 'less than' because she didn't pass a standardized test. I know many ADULTS whose esteem is a direct reflection of test scores. Pet peeve of mine, actually.


Jazmine's Mom certified her as a genius at no shade is darkening our sunshine :-)

Huh? Of course I'm not biased! ;-) But my stretch marks might be. THEY need anything to substantiate their existence! Oh wait...just talked to them...they said they're willing to acknowledge her reading capability as validation. Meeting, adjourned. LOL LOL LOL

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