So yesterday, my lovely cousin, Kameo, told me about this field trip her class took. Froburg Farm in Alvin, Texas. You get to pick your own strawberries! Yes, really! Of course, it was decided she, Jaz and I would have to descend upon this wonderland at our earliest convenience.

Fast forward 24 hours...DONE! :-)

It's like a farmer's market, too! Down home deliciousness!

I had the creamy strawberry fried pie, Kameo had the strawberry lemon version and Jaz had the chocolate buttermilk. Phenomenal!

I also bought a cantaloupe and Kameo got mangos.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Dear God! I also bought okra chips. God, Himself, blessed whomever created those.

About that turkey leg in my lap. I assure you it's bigger than you think it is. It is the essence of smoky deliciousness and perfection.

Kameo had the jalapeƱo cheese sausage-on-a-stick and Jaz had regular sausage. I'm told they were delicious. You see the looks on their faces! lol

Great start to the week :-)

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