So...I decided Jaz and I were gonna go for a walk this evening.

We went to the truck driving school parking lot and walked the course the trucks drive on. Did it 3 times. Don't know how far it was. I do know my thighs are on fire though...FIRE! lol

Anyway, Nana called to see what we were up to and then hung up immediately so she could video chat with her baby.

So I was holding the phone as she watched Jaz twirl and skip around the track.

We got home.

Incoming call from Nana.

I answered.

"*British accent* Awlo, sista. Would you hawpen to know where we aw on this fine occasion?"

"*British accent* Wherefore art thou, brotha?"

"At Pendleton. Mama said y'all went walkin so she was inspired to go walkin, too! So that's where WE at!"

We hung up.

Then Jaz walks up to me, holding her iPod and giggling.

They'd called HER to video chat!

Are we not THE corniest family EVER?!?

I love us! :-)

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