So the pesticide dude comes and sprays the apartment every other Wednesday. Tomorrow is one of those Wednesdays. Though I'd love to go to bed like 5 minutes ago...guess I'll straighten up. PMS is certainly not helping right now. I'd make a hot cup of tea but the effort required (steeping? give me a break!) would probably irritate me, too! Ughhhhhhhhhh. All Eve had to do was go on bout her 'bidness' and leave the forbidden fruit alone and she had that serpent all up in her ear so 8 billion years later (obviously I'm a history buff and chronology is my strong suit *rolls eyes), here I sit...suffering at the hands of P-M-S! {cue dramatic flair of the hand}

Alright, guess I'll watch "Sons of Anarchy" as I wash and fold MORE clothes. Dang I am in a FOUL mood tonight!

And another thing! Nah, I'm done...lol

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