Scarf Update

Not finished yet...but we're getting there. She loves it...which is surprising...since she's soooo picky about everything. I'm thinking the fact that she got to pick the yarn herself...and it's hot pink...definitely help! LOL

QUICK UPDATE: If you're a new visitor to the blog...I just taught myself to crochet in mid December. I bought yarn and a crochet hook at Walmart....then googled "How To Crochet" on YouTube. Suffice it to say, I'm a beginner :-)


  1. Mrs. Rye19:59

    Yea!!! Just wait to till you discover embellishments! Like tassels! Google baby!

  2. I guess that's what she wants on both ends. I was calling it "fringe". LOL Will google that once I get it long enough to do the 'fold in half and stick the loose ends through the loop' scarf knot thing. Technical, I know. LOL