Christmas - The Rest of The Pictures (

Too many to try and put in any sort of order. 
They were taken in Gilmer and Harlingen. 
Ta-daaa! LOL

Me & Mu...making up a bed. IDK why Jaz took this...

Silly banana...

She & I

Mu & Jaz

Mu & Jaz

Yayyyyy from Aunt Kashaelyn!

Papa & Kashaelyn

Mama, Aunt Maggie & Jade

Papa & Kashaelyn

Jade (lol) & Mu

Uncle Fred & Lundyn, Mama, Aunt Maggie, Jade

Uncle Milan, Tyler & Lundyn (they're 2 yr old twins!) & Uncle Fred
(they're Grandpa...but he goes by G Daddy...which I'm not a fan all. LOL)

Uncle Milan., Tyler & Lundyn, Uncle Fred

Jade, Mu, Chance

Kashaelyn, Jaz, Lundyn

Lundyn, Tyler, Uncle Milan


Uncle Fred, Mama (yeah she grinnin cuz that card had
some MONEY in it, you hear me?! lol), Aunt Maggie, Jade

Mama & Aunt Maggie

Kashaelyn (Mommy to Lundyn & Tyler) and Uncle Milan

Mama, Aunt Maggie, Jade



Lundyn, Tyler, Uncle Milan

Mama, Aunt Maggie, Jade (dang! they appear in a lot of these pics! lol)

Jaz, Papa, Kashaelyn

Lundyn & her G Daddy (Uncle Fred)

Papa, Lundyn, Jaz

Mama & Aunt Maggie

A closed-eyed

Cuuuute picture of Jade and that bracelet that should've been MINE! -_- lol

Mu aka The Matriarch

Jaz & Tyler



Mama, Aunt Maggie & Jade

{sigh} Again...Mama, Aunt Maggie, Jade

Jaz & Tyler

Tyler was diggin' Jaz's puppy :-)

"Hi, puppy!" Tooooo cute!

See that necklace?? LOVES IT!

Oh look, a picture of the photographer!

Mama, Mu, Papa, Aunt Maggie

Heyyyy Lundyn!

Jade & Lundyn

Opening gifts at Nana's!

Oooh! And it was engraved too, yall! 
See? Engraved!

{gasp} Games for the Wii!

"The Tangled Wii Gaaaaaaame"

Because this kid loves pj's!

Smurfs DVD & Smurf doll!

Princess Tiana!

OMG. So when Jaz was little, whenever Grandma made her anything hot,
she'd put it in the freezer or fridge to cool it off. This has become akin to a sickness.
Whenever we drink tea, Jaz always has to have hers sit in the fridge a few minutes and let it cool off.
Seeing as how she got a tea set from Grandma, she used styrofoam as a pretend fridge
to let her fake tea cool off. My child, my child. SMH.

Serving Nana's tea.

Nana instructing on the art of 'holding your pinky up' LOL LOL LOL

Your pinky, Jaz, not three fingers! LOL

{blank stare} She's so goofy!

Goofy...that's her.

Told me to take a picture. So I did. SMH.

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