Fond of Font

Dear Readers of My Blog:

All 2.75 of you.

I am quite fond of my new font.

Let me know if you can't read it.

I hope you can.

Because I really don't want to change it.

Today's pseudo haiku sponsored by: I'm Up Way Past My Bedtime, Inc.

You'd actually be amazed at how close this is to my natural handwriting. At least I think it is, I can't remember the last time I actually wrote more than my name. No wait. I have an army of post-its on my desk at work. And believe me, if I could type on them, I would. #Random

Update #2: Boo. I don't like how my beloved hashtag ( # ) 
looks using this font. I'll change it tomorrow. Much too sleepy.


  1. i can read it :)

  2. Kameo18:13

    i guess i can deal with it.

  3. I've decided I don't like it.

    Eventually, I'll go back to 'Georgia' font...when I ply myself from this couch...and walk the 20 feet to my computer...just typing it makes me tired. LOL