Head Count

After watching an unhealthy amount of loc styling YouTube videos tonight, I noticed a common question was: "How many locs do you have?"

Hmmm...of course, I then was aghast at my having no knowledge of my loc count! As 'Rain Man' as I AM with numbers?! Child boo! smh

Soooo...I counted. 117. And that might not be accurate. They're short so I kept 2nd guessing whether or not I'd already counted a loc. C'est la vie. I'll stick with 117.

Side Note: It's BEEN past time for me to have them redone. Today makes 29 days. Actually...I usually get em done every 30 days. What a coincidence that I get paid every 30

Whatever. Random pictures of the day:

Jaz got her report card today. #PROUD
My baby 'Applies Learning Independently'! Yayyy! lol
After I counted my locs a few minutes
{I hate trying to rearrange these pictures 1500x}
The new addition to my building at work. Ain't it fancy?!
This is her reading level.
Yes, yes she DID progress 7 levels
from September through January! {smirk}
How you like DEM apples? =)

Haaaaaair. Fuzzzz. SO ready for them to fully mature.
Because as my Mama says "You steady takin' pictures of yourself." lol

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  1. Is it awful that I think Jaz's teacher's handwriting rivals that of her students?