Happy New Year!!!

So we left Nana's house yesterday at 3. We were on a mission to make it to New Year's Eve service at our beloved church (Higher Dimension - check it out here) in Houston by 10:30.

Needless to say, it was an adventure. Being the uber genius that I am, decided to let her get a Sprite with her Subway sandwich before we got on the road. That evolved into having to take FOUR potty breaks over the course of 356 miles. SMH.

Then we had to stop and deliver a carpet cleaner to the lovely Miss Kameo (cousin). SN: ain't it awesome to be from the same town and live in the same town? Eat it, FedEx and UPS! We got vehicles too! lol

Anyway, left there and FLEW home (shoutout to Grandpa for providing 8 billion quarters so we could take the tollway! cuts the trip down by a good 20 minutes!) and I had to unpack the car. Took about 15 minutes. Mind you, it usually takes me 24-48 hours to thoroughly unpack it so GO ME! lol lol

Came upstairs and started Jaz's bath water and unpacked the car while it was running.

Started my bath water. Bathed Jaz. I bathed. We got dressed.

No gas! Ugh. So then we had to swing by the gas station to fill up and then back on the tollway we flew.

Church started at 10:30. We walked in at 10:30. As we got to the sanctuary doors, the ushers were starting to direct folks to the overflow room. Nooooo! Who wants to go to church and watch it on tv from a side room?! Next thing I know? An usher popped his head out and said they had room for two more (insert chorus of angels here) and I said "Ooh! We're two right here!" and we were ushered to the LAST two seats in the sanctuary. Mind you, my church seats about 1,000 people. And we got there on time. So yeah, thank God for the last two seats.

Service was awesome, as always. Pastor J buh-rought it!

Higher D Highlights:

Pastor J preached from Habakkuk 2:1 and sermon topic was "How Bad Do You Want It?"

"Inner calm is the intercom to hear the voice of God."

"You don't need a resolution. You need a revelation."

"Stop saying 'it ain't my season yet'! It's ALWAYS your season! You just need to figure out if it's your season to RECEIVE your blessing or PREPARE for your blessing!"  #FAVORITE

"Paint a NEW picture!"

They had 3 men and a lady come out rappin (they're jackets read 'Paint Swag Team) and made up a song called "Paint Me A Picture". #HILARIOUS Jaz is still singing it, by the way. "I'm bout to get me a brussssh and paint me a pitcha. Paaaint me a pitcha. Paaaint me a pitcha." #fellout

All in all, fantastiphenomenal way to bring in the new year!

Our vacation(s) spanned approximately 1200 miles between the 22nd and 31st.

I am tired but well rested ;-)

This morning, when we rose, we hit up *drumroll please* DENNY'S!! :-)

And I presume the rest of the day will involve unpacking and laziness...and not in that order.
This was the THIRD potty break...LOL

Before church. WHAT is going on with my bathroom mirror?!
swear I clean it, regularly! SMH!!
Chiiiild you couldn't tell Jaz she didn't look cute last night! lol
After church...iPod in
Woo woo! Denny's!!
Jaz said all she wanted was a hamburger and orange juice.
Of course, Sam (Best.Waitress.Ever) brought her extra bacon and
yogurt and fresh strawberries to complement her order. LOL

Jaz asked for a to-go cup for her orange juice.
Sam brought her a strawberry smoothie to go. SMH.

From Le Princess and I to all 4.5 people who read our blog (lol), may God's blessings and mercy shower you endlessly! Happy New Year. Happy New You.

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